July 7, 2016

Throughout the 42 months of project duration some interesting design projects have been developed also at the several Universities being part of the LTM consortium. They explored mainly application possibilities of new smart materials considering the complete new ways of interaction offered by radically new materials such as the LTM materials. Find below a list of student projects and master theses developed with the contribution of LTM project.


Some of the design projects developed at TU Delft:

“An Exploration of a smart material and its characteristics.” Student: Iris Jönsthövel Supervisor: Paul Hekkert, Bahar Barati, 2015

“Circular LTM - A bridge between the light.touch.matters project and Circular Economy" Student: Andrea Portioli, Supervisory Team: Tom Etheridge, Ir. Erik Tempelman, Martin Lehmann, 2015

"'D-Belt', An interaction for the measurement of the human waist" Student: André Taris E. Tempelman, J.F.M. Molenbroek, Prof. W.A. Groen

"Yi - Interactive Yoga Mat" Students: E.M.H.Houwen, Emma Heitbrink, Lexi LIN, Louis Brouwers, N.A.Priem, P.H.T.Groenendaal,  Supervisor: K.M.B. Jansen

"YOGlove. Application of smart materials in designing a yoga wearable" Student: Sára Horvát, K.M.B. Jansen, Dr. Z. Rusák, L. López


Some of the design projects developed at Brunel University London:

"Actipet - The Emotional Activity Monitor " Student: Julian Minuzzi, Supervisor: Marco Ajovalasit, Joseph Giacomin

"Diagnostic Ball - Light up ball with internal diagnostic play matt. used to detect and diagnose autism earlier in children." Student: Roberto Mafrici, Supervisor: Dr Marco Ajovalasit

"Enhanced Blood Pressure Monitoring Experience through the use of smart materials." Student: Xiongchuan Ouyang, Supervisor: Dr Marco Ajovalasit, Dr Antonio Vilches 

"EO: Motivating the Elderly to take up and maintain exercise habits” Student: Laszlo Sztana, Supervisor: Dr. Marco Ajovalasit, Dr. Peter Evans

"Light Games" Student: Otto Kauhanen, Supervisor: Dr. Marco Ajovalasit, Dr. Farnaz Nickpour

"Redesign a Breast Cancer Detection Product (A Smart Bra) with Piezoelectric Technology" Student: Lulu Yin Supervisors: Dr. Marco Ajovalasit, Dr David Rees

"Rehabilitation of the lower Limbs - Allowing patients to recover better from trauma surgery using smart materials." Student: Jack Rich, Supervisor: Dr Fabrizio Ceschin, Dr David Rees


Design projects developed with Diffus Design:

“Designing with emerging technologies for an inaccessible context” Student: Nina Mørch Pedersen, Supervisor: Anna Vallgårda, University of Copenhage