July 14, 2016

LTM project has reached its conclusion in July 2016 after more than three years of duration. During this period several PhD candidates have been involved in the LTM project exploring different fields of research such as Design Engineering, Innovation Management and Materials Science, just to name a few. Their active involvement widened the view on the topics linked to the project and contributed to the academic endorsement of the project. Furthermore, several scientific papers related to design methodology and mentioning LTM have been published, too. Find below the references of the PhD studies and published papers.



“Enhancing human experience using smart materials” Author: Massimo Micocci, Marco Ajovalasit

“Design tools for interdisciplinary translation of material experiences” Author: Sarah Wilkes, Supinya Wongsriruksa, Philip Howes, Richard Gamester, Harry Witchel, Martin Conreen, Zoe Laughlin and Mark Miodownik

“Material Driven Design (MDD): A Method To Design For Material Experiences” Author: Elvin Karana, Bahareh Barati, Valentina Rognoli, A. Zeeuw van der Laan

“Experiences from recent European research projects on the interplay between technology and design” Author: Erik Tempelman, Nadja Adamovic

“From Way Finding in the Dark to Interactive CPR Trainer: Designing with Computational Composites” Author: Bahareh Barati, Elvin Karana, Paul Hekkert

“Designing with an Underdeveloped Computational Composite for Materials Experience” Author: Bahareh Barati, Elvin Karana, Paul Hekkert, Iris Jönsthövel

“Functional Demonstrators to Support Understanding of Smart Materials” Author: Bahareh Barati, Elvin Karana, Paul Hekkert, Kaspar Jansen



Åsa Öberg, “Striving For Meaning - A Study Of Innovation Processes”, 2015, MDH/POLIMI

Bahareh Barati, "Supporting Designers in understanding the Experience Design Space with Smart Materials", Supervisor: Paul Hekkert, Elvin Karana, DUT-IDE, graduation estimated 2017

Andrea Mazzocut, “Fluorescent materials for the down-conversion of Organic Light Emitting Devices”, Supervisor: Prof. Chris S. Frampton, BRUNEL – WMP, graduation estimated July 2016

Massimo Micocci, “Smart Materials and metaphorical messages as learning tools for the ageing population”, Supervisor: Marco Ajovalasit, Gabriella Spinelli, BRUNEL – HCDI, graduation estimated February 2017

Daniella Deutz, “Producing pliant lead free piezoelectric composites”, Supervisor: Pim Groen, DUT – NOVAM, graduation estimated April 2017

James Burchill, "Explaining Radical Innovations: use of digital media to explain radically innovative materials to designers", Supervisors: Marco Ajovalasit, BRUNEL – HCDI, graduation estimated June 2018

Stefano Magistretti, “Technology Steering: Identifying New Application Fields Enabled by the Re-Interpretation of Emerging and Ready-To-Apply Technologies”, Supervisor: Prof. Claudio Dell’Era, POLIMI – DIG, graduation estimated January 2019


Find below the posters exhibited at LTM final event "Future Materials":

[See PDF document file: PhD_Asa Oberg_fm]
[See PDF document file: PhD_Bahareh Barati_fm]
[See PDF document file: PhD_Daniella Deutz_fm]
[See PDF document file: PhD_James Burchill_fm]
[See PDF document file: PhD_Massimo Micocci_fm]
[See PDF document file: PhD_Stefano Magistretti_fm]