July 13, 2016

The materials RTD stream in Project LTM aimed to develop novel smart materials that allow "the product to become the interface". These "LTM materials" consist of four distinct technological components: piezo plastics for touch sensitivity, OLEDs for luminescent response, a conversion layer for modifying colour, and control electronics (i.e. flexible wiring, power supply, input-output switching IC). Moreover, the materials have been developed with design input, obtained through interaction with the project’s product design stream. So, Project LTM has been a testbed for design-driven materials innovation (DDMI).

Now that the project is finished, the time has come to reflect on how this DDMI has in fact taken its course. In other words, to what extent has the materials RTD activity been ‘business-as-unusual’? LTM project coordinator Erik Tempelman’s reflection on the methodology applied in this innovative project approach sums up the particularity of this experience.

“Design driven, materials anchored: How design input shaped the LTM materials stream" Author: Erik Tempelman, LTM project coordinator

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[See PDF document file: DDMI Design driven, materials anchored]