Category: TRAINING
July 9, 2016

One of the LTM project outcomes was a series of training sessions to bring LTM materials to the design community. The sessions were developed and led by James Burchill, PhD candidate at Brunel University London - HCDI, who was involved in the LTM project as part of his PhD research.

Improving knowledge transfer to designers working with radically new materials:

When we encounter radically innovative materials we often don’t understand what they can do for us. Their potential may be poorly understood and their limitations difficult to comprehend because there is little to compare them to. This lack of knowledge proves to be a real problem in getting materials into products, often resulting in amazing innovations sitting on shelves collecting dust; their potential wasted.

James Burchill’s work looks to remedy this situation by providing information on materials in a relatable and usable way. The driving goal of his work is to encourage the use of these radical innovations in practical projects.  His research is fed by the experience of working with both materials researchers and designers in ongoing projects, plus frequent workshops that introduce these radical innovations to designers.

To know more about the training sessions have a look at the dedicated news here and visit: