Category: TRAINING
July 9, 2016

Besides the developed materials, the design projects and methodology outcomes of the project, also the creation of specific educational and training modules was one of the LTM project results. Special effort has been dedicated to create an online course that takes students through the experience, problems and outcomes of the Light.Touch.Matters project, with a view to giving them experience of working in an interdisciplinary, collaborative research environment.


By the end of the course the participants will gain an understanding of:

The differences in approach to materials that are typically taken by designers and materials scientists.

Some effective techniques to build relationships, understanding, and knowledge in a team containing designers and materials scientists and engineers.

The types of research methodologies used to develop new materials: who uses them, their relationship to each other and how they can influence the progress of a project.

The importance and role of materials and hands-on demonstration in communicating materials properties.

The importance and role of prototypes in communicating design attributes of materials.


This course is designed to be taken by a pair or group of people from different disciplines who are looking to work collaboratively on a materials and design project. The course is developed and hosted by consortium partner UCL and accessible here:

Online Course: Design-led Materials Development