LightTouchMatters is being implemented by a consortium of 17 leading European organisations, ranging from design agencies to material research performers. The consortium itself is closed, but we encourage interested companies and institutions to follow our work, and become involved.

Tech Suppliers

The project welcomes suppliers of the key ingredients of the new smart materials, such as plastic resins, piezo-active compounds, flexible electronic components, etc. Several of such suppliers have already taken place in our ‘technology suppliers panel’, but we are open to newparticipants. Involvement can be free of charge, and mutual benefits of your involvement can be discussed on case by case basis.

End Users

Do you feel that light touch interfacesbased on piezo and OLED could be the future of your product or applications? Several manufacturers of care and well-being products have already expressed interest providing feedback and guidance on the product concepts being developed.
Interest from other fields is also encouraged.Light.Touch.Matters. Involvement can be free of charge and would involve participating in a limitednumber project workshops, though a more active involvement is or course encouraged!

Design Communities

Light.Touch.Matters is bring together a network of national contact points around Europe, principally national design agencies, interested in sharing project results with their members and peers around Europe. Involvement can be free of charge and is principally based to be actively involvedspreading the word about the role of design in research and innovation.

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