Category: LTM News
July 18, 2016

Project LTM’s last consortium gathering was held in the morning of June 17th at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering [IDE]. This two-hour meeting was dedicated to a short sum up of the whole project duration followed by an update on the final dissemination materials available.

Consortium partner Fjord, who organized the wrap up exercise during the previous workshop at their office in Madrid [read dedicated news here], summed up in a very eloquent way the past 42 months, highlighting strength and week points of the collaboration within the several consortium partners.

Furthermore, Material ConneXion Italia, responsible partner for dissemination activity, presented the dissemination materials available by the end of the project on the updated website here. Extra mentioning was reserved to the academic activity involved during the long project duration, including PhD studies and several published scientific papers - you can find a detailed list here  – remembering that several graduation projects have been mentioning or completely dedicated to LTM. Some of the developed master graduation projects are presented in the new “Results” section dedicated to the design projects here.