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June 1, 2016

Workshop nr. 11 was held on May 11 and 12 in Spain at the Madrid office of consortium partner Fjord. This last gathering before the final event [June 17th, TU Delft – NL] was dedicated to finalize the two main outcomes of the project: the 7 design concepts with their functional demonstrator of the integrated LTM materials and the White Book illustrating the developed methodology. The meeting was characterized by several…

Day One:…

Day two: Special activity was prepared and held by Fjord’ staff dedicated to sum up the collaboration during the past 40 months of project duration. This activity revealed itself as a very useful tool to explore and improve communication within the consortium and its partners coming from completely different professional fields. To know more about this interesting tool find a dedicated news here.

Who had the possibility to stay further, the two days of workshop where concluded with LTM project featured at the annual Fjord Kitchen Event dedicated to the theme Senses.