Category: LTM News
February 24, 2016

In January 2016 LTM consortium partners Fjord and Minima co-organized a workshop at Fjord’s Madrid Office. The aim of this ideation session was to work on concrete applications to help envision future services around Minima’s developed design concept for LTM and unlock new ways of product-user interactions.

The workshop revealed how much Service Design can impact a pure product design development process: the service layer around a product requires the designers to break the conventional product design process and become more agile. Designing a service is a comprehensive process and depends on the individual approach and behavior of the user of a product. Setting up a real application context for a newly developed product helps to analyze previous constraints and discloses complete new requirements and challenges for the designers.

A mixture of prototyping exercises in combination with storytelling tasks revealed new frameworks to find applications for Minima’s LTM prototype.

For the occasion Fjord invited professionals with different background and…children! Besides the fact that kids are probably the most demanding workshop participants, their presence during the workshop enabled to set an environment of enhanced creativity.