Category: LTM News
February 10, 2016

First LTM meeting of 2016 was held on February 2 and 3 at Politecnico of Milan. The two days of the tenth workshop where mainly dedicated to solve the integration issues addressed during workshop nr. 09 and finalizing the demonstrators of the design concepts.

Day one is spent discussing, in detail and in plenary sessions, the status of the various product concept designs. This feeds directly into the upcoming assessment phase, which will be completed soon. Also, the requirements and desired for the upcoming showcasing/prototyping work are discussed, again per concept.

In small break-out sessions, individuals are involved in shooting the various “video pills” that will be part of the on-line version of the methodological white book. This outcome dedicated to a design-driven technology development will become a valuable result of the project in its own right.

Looking forward to eleventh and last workshop of the project, due in May and hosted by partner Fjord in Madrid.