Category: LTM News
February 5, 2016

On February 1st was held the LTM VIP symposium at Material Connexion Italia in Milan.

The event offered the possibility to selected companies from different sectors such as Lighting, Healthcare, Whitegoods, Information Technology and Furniture to be updated on the latest project progresses and getting inspired by the developed design concepts.

The symposium started with a warmly welcome by the host's president Rodrigo Rodriques followed by a brief introduction by project leader Erik Tempelman, Delft University of Technology, about the project aims and achievements. Pim Groen, Holst Center / TU Delft NovAM, gave an overview about technical developments and Claudio Dell' Era, Polytechnic of Milan, introduced the project's very own Methodology for Design Driven Research and Technology Development (D-RTD).

At the creative-table and tech.-table during the second part of the event, guests had the occasion to have a one-to-one encounter with materials scientists and designers to explore application possibilities in their field.

Seventeen companies seized the opportunity to get in direct touch with the LTM Materials through extensive dialogue with the project partners. The LTM consortium is satisfied about the symposium's outcomes and looking forward to an outstanding final event in Delft on June 17th 2016.