Category: Light Insights
November 27, 2015

The e-tron quattro has OLED units fitted in its front and tail lights, as well as interior touchscreen dashboard controls.

The new concept car received its debut at the IAA 2015 automotive show on 17-27 September in Frankfurt.  
The headlights of the new vehicle each combine LED luminaires with a flat OLED panel in a technology the Audi has dubbed Matrix laser. A total of 12 OLED elements are also used to form each of the rear lights on the five-doo re-tron quattro.

Audi has cooperated with Philips’s OLED division to evolve the technology. The German car maker has previously noted that OLED offers significant advantages to its designers, as they ‘do not cast any shadows and do not require any reflectors, light guides or similar optical components – [which] makes the OLED units efficient and lightweight. In addition, they hardly need any cooling.’

The same screen technology is exploited for instruments inside the car in an evolution of Audi’s virtual cockpit concept.

A total of curved four OLED touchscreens are clustered around the e-tron quattro's driver position. These control lighting, interior climate, media management and GPS navigation systems in the car. The same screens can be programmed to relay information from exterior mirrors. A fifth touchscreen is mounted on the central console between the two front seat allowing passengers in the back to exchange information with the driver.


Image credits: Audi