Category: LTM News
November 4, 2015

Consortium design partner Pilotfish has developed a concept that fully exploits the new smart material opportunities.

The Intuitive Headphones – a demonstrator of the LTM material – propose a new kind of interaction between the user and a set of headphones, exploring new ways to enjoy and control music. The LTM material transforms the device into the actual user interface, the sound being controlled without the user having to take his phone out of the pocket or bag.

When the user is “on the go”, either walking or cycling, he can stop the music by taking the device off his head, and start it again by putting it back on. This simplifies the actions of the user in situations such as when walking into a shop or meeting an acquaintance, and provides safety since the user is not distracted by operating his phone. The integrated light of the LTM material also provides safety by acting as a warning light when the user is moving through street traffic.

At the office, the control of the music is done through simple twisting of the headphones’ band or by placing them on a desk. This again simplifies the interaction because the user no longer needs to switch from his work screen to the music control panel to pause, stop or play it.

Headphones have evolved from being just a personal audio device to also being a lifestyle object. Similar to a bag or sunglasses, headphones represent and express the users’ identity. The style element is a defining factor in the success a brand enjoys among its’ consumers. The Intuitive Headphones integrate not only a simplified way of interaction, but also an enhanced element of visual identity.

The integrated OLED technology/solution behaves and responds in a distinctive way, offering a rich array of opportunities for both users and audio brands. The unique properties of the LTM material make the Intuitive Headphones more than just a functional device, transforming them into a lifestyle object with a distinctive identity.

For contacts and further information about this concept visit Pilotfish.