Category: LTM News
October 30, 2015

Minima Design have created a novel product concept which showcases the versatility and rich interaction opportunities the LTM material provides. The Hackroll is a user empowering device which harnesses the explorative and collective mind set of the maker community.

By integrating the touch sensitive and flex-sensing characteristics of the LTM material with proportional and positive feedback OLED light emission in a modular product, the Hackroll provides a platform for creative applications bound only by the imagination of the user. The Hackroll platform can sense input parameters including motion, flex, touch, temperature and skin conductivity. This data can be tailored by the user via an intuitive interface to communicate information through light output and vibration.

The “building block” nature of the Hackroll concept, combined with device interconnectivity will enable different users to interact, connect and share their creativity in real-time via swarm intelligence and the internet of things. Applications for this technology are likely to be broad and far reaching, as can be seen with other platform products in the maker domain. Initial uses have been identified in the sports training, therapy and rehabilitation markets as well as healthcare (including physiotherapy), safety and transport industries.

Without the low power, high luminescence and flexibility of the LTM piezo and OLED stack, the Hackroll would not be achievable in a cost effective and resilient product package.

For further information about this concept and its implementation please contact Tom or Andrew at enquiries@minima.co.uk