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November 5, 2015

Held on September 17 and 18 2015 in Eindhoven, Workshop 09 was hosted by Holst Center at its High Tech Campus (HTC) that is partnering in the LTM project as material scientist. This intriguing venue let the workshop participants have an insight of a high tech production plant, especially offering the possibility to visit the new Solliance R2R production facilities.

Day One started as an intensive exchange session between product designers and materials & integration specialists, with the former each at a table of their own and the latter revolving around the room in pairs. This kind of exchange has worked very well to address integration issues and solutions. Currently the design concepts are seven, in addition MSc students are collaborating with design-partner Diffus and Minima on developing new concepts and also partner Aito is involved in a MSc thesis dedicated to car interiors. All the involved Designers made great progress in integrating the LTM material in their concepts which is one of the most challenging issues in this project. Have a deeper insight on this topic and the related tasks here.

Very special guest was Denis Loctier and his team from Euronews TV Channel attending the workshop to gather material for the report on the LTM project in the science and technology series “Futuris”, know more about this great dissemination opportunity in the dedicated news.